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Ambulatory Electrocardiography

Holter Monitor / Event Recorder

What is it? 

  • These are small wearable devices to help collect and record all the heart’s activity for the duration that the device is worn. Three small wires from the device are connected to the skin with adhesive patches.

  • These devices are used to either screen for certain rhythm abnormalities or to correlate a patient’s symptoms (palpitations, heart racing, skipped beats, dizziness, feeling faint or lightheaded etc.) with the heart’s electrical activity. 

  • Depending on the device and planned test, it may be worn for 24 hours, 48 hours or for several days (up to 2 weeks).

How is it done?

  • The office staff will give instructions to the patient about the device, when it is initially placed and will let the patient know when to return to the office.

  • We encourage the patient to engage in regular daily activities while wearing the monitor, particularly such activities that may have triggered the symptoms.

  • The device will need to be disconnected when engaged in activities such as bathing, showering or swimming.

  • The patient should jot down both symptoms and activities (such as running or other vigorous exercise) while wearing the device. The approximate time should be noted so that the heart’s activity can be correlated to the symptoms or physical activity.

  • Wearing the device is without any risks to the patient except for the rare instance of skin irritation or allergy to the adhesive used in the patches. The patient should notify the office staff of any history of reaction to adhesives.


  • Once the device is returned, the recordings are then interpreted by the doctor and discussed with the patient.

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